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LE Thilo-2 Seedlings-2

Thilo and Seedlings have returned to DollZone in new versions. 36cm tall Limited Editions Thilo-2 and Seedlings-2 come in normal pink, peach, or white resin. Both may be ordered blank with a random color pair of glass eyes and an optional face-up, body blushing, wig, outfit, shoes, and ballet feet. Full-sets of the dolls may also be purchased. They will include all but the body blushing and ballet feet which may be added.

Thilo-2 and Seedlings-2 will come with gifts from DollZone. The dolls may also be ordered from their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections, Denver Doll Emporium, Dolk (Dolk Station), and BJDivas.

From the cbjd dolls maleompany:

Doll Zone New Doll Promotion (2023.06.19 – 2023.07.18):* Can get free body blush as gift (also can get a free doll stand when order fullset)

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