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Rabbit Fang Ri Tu-Mo Ri Tu-Shuang

Rabbit Fang Ri Tu – Mo and Ri Tu – Shuang have been released. Both LoongSoul BJDs are available as 62m or 68cm or 69cm tall dolls with an assortment of body style options. Resin colors for the dolls include imported normal yellow, light rose, or white. Options include eyes, abjd dolls cute wig (not styled), an outfit (including rabbit ears and tail), shoes, body blushing, and ear piercing. Face-up service is not included.

Until the end of the month, Loongsoul is offering a discount on the purchase of Ri Tu – Mo and Ri Tu – Shuang.  The outfits are limited editions and they will be discontinued on May 18th. The companyโ€™s dolls may be ordered internationally through their authorized retailers including Aliceโ€™s Collections and  BJDivas.

From the company:

LoongSoul New Doll Promotion: (2023.2.20 – 2023.02.28) 15% off

4 thoughts on “Rabbit Fang Ri Tu-Mo Ri Tu-Shuang

  1. The BJD doll I received from your site had a smooth and seamless stringing system, providing flexibility and stability in various poses.

  2. – Wig is changeable – as you can see I swapped mine out for a brown one I had which I think suits her much better and is way less fussy than that long pink wig. I used a size 8-9.

  3. I admit, I kinda post stalked this package; I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her! Of the 7 designs, I did get the one I wanted least, but I’m delighted regardless.

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