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FreedomTeller: Trinity Dawn Clothing Series

New fashion sets for most 65-75cm tall boy BJDs are now available to order at FreedomTeller.

From the company:

Greeting,We are announcing the release of new limited clothes [Trinity_Dawn].

We prepared the [Trinity ] series to celebrate 15th anniversary this year.We will release three limited clothes sets with the same theme.Also, we will enclose Invitation Card for “Symposium for the TRINITY” event.Please keep this card for certification.

This is the first creation for the [ Trinity ] series.

[Trinity_Dawn] set is a beautiful re-creation of traditional clothes for the royal family.We used exclusive heavy satin and jacquard fabrics to express emperor’s dignity.By matching delicate gold details, we added impressive beauty.Please see more on detail pages.^^

* In the view of present variety of 70cm, and 75cm bodies, we considered compatibility.We made clothes to exchange several bodies with each other.Please refer to the probjd bodyduction size below!

Clothes :[ Trinity_Dawn ] – Old Gold Solid, Rose Gold Jacquard, Royal Blue Jacquard

Size : Homme– 65cm ( Volks SD17, Switch 65cm body )– 70cm Slim ( Luts SSDF, Switch Humming & Attractive )– 70cm Muscle ( DF-A, Dollits DAD )– 72cm ( Luts SP Slim& Muscle )– 75cm ( Soom Idealian 75, Dollits 75cm body )

Pre-order period

2023. Feb. 10th. 21:00pm ~ Feb. 28th. 21:00pm * It’s based on Korean time*

Shipping period2023. Mar. 20th ~ Mar. 28th

Trinity Dawn Old Gold

Trinity Dawn Royal Blue

Trinity Dawn Rose Gold

3 thoughts on “FreedomTeller: Trinity Dawn Clothing Series

  1. I hope this helped to answer some questions or offer some insight and I Thank You for taking the time to read this! 🙂

  2. She is easy to pose and looks adorable in Barbie outfits. Her hair is so soft. We love her!

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