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5 Easy BJD Hacks

Over the years there have been several things that I have either seen others do or figured out for myself that have made things in the BJD hobby easier. I would like to share 5 easy BJD hacks that might help you too!

Mounting Putty is Multipurpose

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Mounting Putty is Multipurpose

Balloons are instant wig stoppers

BJD Boxes as furniture

Elmer’s glue for piercings

Toothbrushes for cleaning not just teeth


What hacks do you do?

If you like to do BJD faceups then you may or may not have experienced the fun times of having to clean the inside of the head after you finish because some pastel might have gotten inside. Or maybe you find yourself cleaning the ears because color leaked into there too? Well fret no longer!

I usually use mounting putty for putting in BJD eyes. Another great way to use it is for doing a faceup. I actually prefer using beige mounting putty to everything else I have tried so far. Also please note that the more commonly found poster putty is in blue. I have stopped using the blue because I have seen it stain my walls before and I did not want to run that risk with my dolls. Since then I have only used beige poster putty for my dollies.

Simply roll the putty into a ball and flatten it into a disk. Then insert it from the inside of the head to create a shield for the eye socket. You can do the same for the ears as well. Once I finish my layer of pastel I remove the putty. This has helped so much with keeping the inside of my dolls heads clean and pastel free.

Balloons are instant wig stoppers

Are you tired of your BJD wig slipping around on their head like a slip and slide. Do you want something that will help protect your head cap from staining? Have I got the solution for you!

There are several things you can make wig stoppers out of. Heck, some people just put Velcro on the head caps themselves (Not something I would personally do but to each their own). Others make glue rings with hot glue and tape (another cheap and easy method but it just takes more time). Probably the easiest way to make a wig stopper is to just simply buy a balloon and cut it.

A couple of things to note when you use a balloon as a wig stopper.

First, try to get white or clear colored balloons. You never know what can stain a doll when left on too long and personally I just don’t like taking risks.

what an actual wig silicone wig cap covers

bjd doll head

Second, this is a method doesn’t last forever. Since balloons are made of a thin latex it will just break down over time. I think I had mine on my girl Yue for 1 year tops. I tried to take it off and re-apply, and then a piece gently snapped off. The good thing about this hack is that it isn’t very expensive to replace and cut another balloon.

Measure the balloon up against your dolls head to determine where you should cut. I would recommend doing it a bit above the ear and imagine cutting it slanted to fit around the back of the head. Once cut, just slip it over the dolls head and then place on your favorite wig. Tad-ah!

BJD Boxes as furniture


If you are like me you probably have several of your BJD boxes stacked up in a closet somewhere. Did you ever think about using them as BJD furniture? I like to have a variety in how my BJDs are displayed. Some are sitting, standing, in chairs, etc. My BJD boxes got repurposed as long benches for my dolls to sit on.

my dolls sitting on boxes

I think the beauty of this is that you can drape any material you want over them. You don’t have to adhere it to the box because your dolls will sit on it and the material will stay in place. I actually reused the thin pillows some of them came in to drape it over the boxes.

I draped a pink cloth over the boxes

I also used a mixture of the boxes my 1/3, 1/4 and 1/6 dolls came in. Some boxes are flat and others are on their side to give more height.

Elmer’s glue for piercings

Maybe your dolls character would have pierced ears but your are too scared to drill them? It could also be a nose stud or eyebrow piercing that you want to do. Whatever the piercing may be Elmer’s glue has got your back. It is water soluble and totally safe. It does take some patience and time to set but can offer a great piercing solutibjd caton.

When using Elmer’s glue know that you will be adding glue in layers depending on your piercing and how heavy it is.

Tools to help in applying glue would be a toothpick and a brush. Since you will be working in layers you will not need to put a whole glob out. I just use a small finger nail size amount at a time and use the brush to apply it. Give it about 15 min between layers before adding more. A good indicator that your glue is completely dried is if it is clear. If it is still white or looks milky do not touch it and let it continue to dry.

I used seed beads on the bridge piercing here

Also if you are a glitter addict like I am, Elmer’s glue is a safe way to add on jewels and sequence to your decora dolls 🙂

I used nail art decos for the side of her face

If you find your self needing to remove it first try some soap and water on the area with a small tool like a q-tip to loosen it up. It may honestly just pop off at that point. Once removed just make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned before reapplying something else.

Toothbrushes for cleaning not just teeth

Sometimes it is hard to get acrylic or gloss out of those tiny spaces like lips or eyelids. You can spend forever with your cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol trying to clean it out. The magic tool that is your new best friend is the toothbrush.

Now obviously don’t use the same toothbrush you use for combing their wigs. And definitely don’t use your toothbrush you use for actually… brushing your own teeth.

Quick tip: Label your doll toothbrushes so you don’t get them confused. Or just know the one without the fur/hair residue is your cleaning brush!

Set aside a small cap full of rubbing alcohol and dip your brush into the solution. Then gently brush out the areas with the stubborn paint. Depending on how much is stuck will determine how long you will need to sit there and brush. Try mixing it up with a magic clean eraser and then trade off again with your toothbrush. This is a safe way to clear tight spots without damaging your dolly.


For those of you who don’t know what a COA is, it is a certificate of authenticity. Most dolls come with this to prove they are legitimate and sometimes even have item numbers written on them or the date they were made.

an example of a COA

Where are your COAs for your dolls? Do you have a bunch of your COAs tucked in a drawer somewhere. Maybe they are still in the box your BJD came in. Well here is a fun thing you can do with them that will ensure you don’t loose them and they are always in sight.

my framed COAs

I stopped by my local dollar tree and picked up a bunch of dollar frames made for framing documents. I popped those bad boys open and started framing my COAs. The really cool thing about this is that you can get all sorts of fancy papers to make them really nice. I just used a white sheet of paper and placed them where I wanted them. I did not tape them or glue them to anything. I added more paper behind the display paper to give it padding and to ensure that the COAs stayed in place.

Having the COAs framed make for lovely pieces in my BJD room and I now know where they are at all times.

What hacks do you do?

I hope that these hacks were helpful. I know when I first started in the hobby I was always trying to find different things to help make working with my BJDs easier.

If there is a hack that you know of that I didn’t mention, leave it in the comments section down below.

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