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Impldoll Darlene Event

ImplDoll has released a new girl, Darlene, and is offering a choice of a discount or free face-up (choice of “glitter” or “dark” version) to customers that purchase her. All orders of Darlene will include free shipping.

From the company:

Our new Star Girl Darlebjd doll body and headne released. She can fit our 68cm/63cm/MGB female body.Thank you for your love for us all the time.^___^we have early bird discount for Darlene head.Early Bird Discount: Darlene headEvent date 2022.11.6- 2022.11.9We have two choices for you!!

1. 20% discount + free shipping cost get blank Darlene head $802. Free face up + free shipping cost get Darlene head with face up $100 (We have two choices of makeup, Dark Version (need extra cost $25) and Glitter version)PS: Order doll head with body also can get the free face-up event. Just send the email to us.please email us if you want to join our event. We offer skin colors: real skin, white skin, Cream white, pink skin, Tan skin, brown skin. Please make sure that your email contains the following contents:Name:address:zip code:City:State or Province:phone:PayPal account:Head skin:Event choose:Makeup type:We will send the Paypal invoice to you once we get your email.Our email address is: impldoll@aliyun.comThank you for your time.^^

“Glitter” Darlene

“Dark” Darlene

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