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DM.Camill: Arctic Ice

DM. Camill: Arctic Ice has now been released by RaMcube. The limited edition head is being cast in a special resin color. The face-up may be added. A body will be sold separately.

The DM. Camill head may be ordered blank or with the face-up shown. The earrings will be included with the face-up. The Arctic Ice RaM No.6 Body is sold separately. Hand and body blushing may be added.

From the company:

Guide for [DM.Camill : Arctic Ice] releaseOrder period : 2022.10.06 14:00 ~ 2022.10.13 14:00(KST)

Arctic Ice skin is grey tinge with subtle purple, it will be released with the DM.Camill Head this time.DM.Camill head and Arctic Ice skin, as well as the mysteriously matching makeup (arctic ice version) can be order together.

This pre-order DM.Camill Head is only order as Arctic Ice Skin.You can choose makeup as an option.

In line with this, you can order the RaM No.6 body as Arctic Ice Skin only during the DM.Camill Head pre-order period.Additional hand parts and brushing can also be added in the body option.It may be difbjd doll angell studioficult to order a body with the same skin after the order period.If you wish to order the Arctic Ice skin head with body, please purchase it during this order period.

We look forward to your interest in this order.Thank you.

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