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DF-H Swallowtail New Bodies

68cm tall limited edition Swallowtail may be ordered with a choice of new Slim or Muscled girl’s body. Doll Family – H. A blank full doll or a doll body may be ordered in opaque resin colors normal-pink, normal-yellow or white, or imported translucent normal-pink, normal-yellow, white, tanned or grey resin. Both bodies come with flat feet and a choice of small, medium, or large breasts. The neck girth for the bodies is 9cm. Face-up service is not available.

Both Swallowtail and the new bodies are being sold at a discount until the end of the month. Free gifts will also be included wbjd animeith purchase. Doll Family-H products may be ordered internationally from their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections and BJDivas.

From the company:

Doll Family-H New Doll Promotion (2022.09.30 – 2022.10.31):* New doll: 15% off + #5 hands & heel feet or with heel lower legs as a gift.* New body: 12% off + #5 hands & heel feet or with heel lower legs as a gift.

Muscled (left) & Slim body

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