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Da-rae, Phoja Chuchu

Tiny Coco’s Child doll head Da-rae is now at CocoRiang and she has brought her friends mushroom Phoja and tiny bird Chichu. They will all be available for order until June 18th Kbjd animalorea time.

Da-rae is designed to fit an Obitsu 11cm body. The head comes in 2 parts that are joined by magnets. Da-rae is sold blank with an optional face-up and bunny parts.

Phoja is 12cm tall. The mushroom is cast in cream white for the body and grey beige for the top of the cap and the shoes. Options include painting in version A (paint only) or B (with added moss to top of cap). The pinecone scarf and Chuchu bird may also be added. Chuchu is also sold separately. The figure comes painted and has a magnet in the base.



Chuchu birds

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