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Charlotte Blossom: Peach Mint

Limited edition Charlotte Blossom by Pipos is being sold in two painted versions, peach and mint. Only 30 of each will be sold. The 1/4 size cat girl will come with gift parts.

From the company:

Charlotte Blossom (Peach, Mint)

Type : PIbjd meaningPOS40 Limited Edition

Limited quantity: 30 Sets Limited

Limited edition gift : Buy 1, get 1 free head(half open eyes) & Charlotte heel parts Including: Head, Body, A pair of hand & feet parts,  Limited make-up

16mm Delight eyes

Doll box, certificate card         

Skin color: pure white skin

[Add options]  Limited Outfit

Tail parts(add coloring)

Wing parts(A-wing or B-wing) (add coloring)

Limited make-up: head (half-open eyes)

Add body parts

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