About Us

TÜMSİAD is a businessmen association, that majority of their members is SMEs,  established in year 2005 in istanbul.

TÜMSİAD, that has an extensive organisation structure covering 81 provinves of Turkey by Regional Coordination Branches, Official Province Representatives, foreign solution partners and thousands of member companies, produces value for Turkish economy and conducts activities in order to derive visioner and commercial development of their members.

TÜMSİAD, that is aware of the strategic importance of SMEs on economic development of our country, works for especially SMEs to grow export wise. On this purpose, the institution is the founder member of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) and represented in the board of management by their presidents.

It has been selected as “the Most Affective NGO” amongst NGOs, public and private sector institutions of 37 European Country  in year 2010 and 2011 by the European Union. It has also been deemed worthy of the award of “the World Productivity Oscar”, that has been given only 41 person or institution in the World, by the World Confederation of Productivity Science in year 2010.

TÜMSİAD has a capability of direct touch in business eco-system with target focused activities conducted by their extensive organisation and shares their experience and  solutions for problems and contributes to produce effective economic strategy and policies for our country.

In addition to their activities for business World, TÜMSİAD does not forget about their social responsibility and becomes organiser, partner and main supporter of many social responsibility Project with their diligent members.

TÜMSİAD, that supports production, employment and interest-free finance system by their activities, directs their works in accordance with year 2023, 2053 and 2071 targets of Turkey.

In belief of great Turkey will be realised by having productive economy, TÜMSİAD continues working with tenacity and determination of the first day by making no concessions to national principles and moral values