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Limited Edition Ling Clockwork

Coralreef Doll has created a new limited edition 46cm dobjd doll accessoriesll, Ling Clockwork. She is only available until October 30th. She may be ordered in peach, white, or grey resin.

Ling Clockwork is sold blank with a clock helmet, a clock key left arm, and default heel feet. Options include a face-up, body blushing, resin eyes, wig, outfit, clockwork shoes, and additional feet. The full-set will include the helmet, both the clock key and a human left arm, a face-up, eyes, outfit, and shoes. Body blushing and extra feet may be added.

The human version of Ling may also be ordered. She does not include the helmet and has a human left arm instead of the clock key. The basic doll may be ordered with optional face-up, body blushing, eyes, wig, outfit, shoes, and additional feet. Full-set human ling comes with a face-up, eyes, clothes and shoes. Optional body blushing, wig, and extra feet may be added.

The Ling human head may also be purchased separately. It is sold blank or with a face-up.

Dolls by Coralreef are available internationally through the company’s retailers including  Aliceโ€™s Collections and BJDivas.

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